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CRST Inc at 924 South Morgan Road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

CRST Inc in 924 South Morgan Road, Oklahoma: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Phone: +1 405-495-1140


924 South Morgan Road,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Reviews about CRST Inc

  • Jeanna Nodal
    November 23, 2017
    1 /5
    WoW!!! Just how safe is it to drive on West bound I-40 with CRST trucks on the road? Not safe at all when they decided to take a governed truck into the left lane, WITH BARRELS, CONES, LEFT LANE CLOSED SIGNS, & A LIT UP ARROW POINTING TO RIGHT LANE IN FRONT OF THEM, to go around people that are coming the posted 55 MPH speed limit. Oh, & run them off onto the shoulder right before going over a bridge. Thank God I was with my kid, my daughter, while she was driving, & I had her slow down as soon as the CRST got into the left lane. Better that than down at the bottom of the hill & rolled over. 6:18pm 9/13/2017 Around OK MM/35
  • Jonathon Barnes
    November 06, 2017
    2 /5
    They did pay for my schooling for my CDL. Careers World Wide is an excellent school with great teachers. After graduation, CRST paid for 7 of us to drive in rental cars from Colorado to Oklahoma. They told us to leave Fri afternoon knowing we would be in Oklahoma City around 3am the next day. They told us that we would have hotel rooms reserved for us. When we got there at 3am that next morning. They said they had our reserved room available at 11am later that morning. We had to then wait till Monday to start orientation. After orientation which was 4 days long of really just sitting in an office watching movie clips on how to be a safe driver. I, along with most of my group were moved to a lower end motel to wait for our training lead drivers. I had to wait another day to find out that they would send me on bus to Baltimore Maryland. Another 2 days of travel instead of renting me a car. I get to Baltimore and I had to wait another day before we finally got a load. Me and my lead driver. Dropped that load of and we have to wait almost 2 days for another load. The lady gave me an advance on my paycheck. I used most of it to pay for a taxi to the bus station and from the bus station to where my lead driver was. Expecting to be reimbursed. Apparently an advance isn't an advance but a loan that you have to pay back! So no reimbursement. Now my lead driver has been extremely helpful in financially taking care of me. Buying my food and even paying my cell phone bill. But here I am waiting from Monday night, yesterday, today, and then tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So if we get a load on Friday then I'll be able to start making money again. If there's a load available. All to top it off that I'm making only 25ยข a mile. When my contract is up I'm leaving CRST unless they're willing to renegotiate my pay rate. If you're looking to work with CRST they're trucks aren't that bad. If you have experience then you may earn more than me. My experience just hasn't been all that pleasant.
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About CRST Inc in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

CRST Inc is located at 924 South Morgan Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.